At Nicole’s Nannies, we are an agency that is dedicated and that prides ourselves on not only finding the perfect caregiver for your family, but finding the perfect family for our caregivers. We take great care and time to screen our candidates to make sure that only the best are being sent to your family.

We value the connection between not only the caregiver and the parents, but the connection between caregiver and child. The relationship a nanny or babysitter has with a family is crucial to creating a positive environment and lasting relationship. We strive to make sure that this connection is positive and will be long-lasting.

We also know how important it is to have a caregiver who helps your child meet every milestone, which is why we choose childcare providers who are developmentally focused.



It’s important to choose an agency that you are compatible with! All agencies do the same thing: find a nanny for a family. But What agencies do DURING the process is what matters! Communication, honesty, and reliability are three things we pride ourselves on. We are with you through the entire process, even if it means texting questions you may feel are silly! We are in this TOGETHER!


We have been doing what we do for years! Not to mention that both founders of Nicole’s Nannies started out as nannies for over 10 years each. We have been making placements throughout the East Coast for quite a while, and we have the reviews to show it. We also have clients who have offered to speak directly to new clients to talk about our services!


Both founders started out as nannies to very loving families that they had stayed with for years. As they grew older, they began to start their own families and realized they still wanted to be involved in nannying while focusing on their own homes. This is how Nicole’s Nannies started! We have the inside scoop of how nannies work AND how parents work, which we feel makes us stand out from other agencies.