About Us

About Us

Nicole’s Nannies is a premier placement agency serving New Jersey and select locations around the United States. Unlike other agencies, Nicole’s Nannies was founded by two former nannies with over 10 years of experience in the industry. We have an insight to both the nanny side as well as the parent side, and we use that to our advantage.

Our services include nannies (full-time, part-time, temporary), night nannies, baby nurses and housekeepers. Nicole’s Nannies has a detailed screening process that is line with the INA and APNA standards, which leaves us with only the most qualified nannies. We also personally interview each candidate. Nicole’s Nannies team of professionals are able to find the perfect fit for our clients’ family. We understand that each client has a different set of needs, which is why we make sure to discuss in depth so that we can ensure we have the perfect fit for your family.

The team at Nicole’s Nannies cares about your family, and we are committed to not only placing a quality nanny in your house, but to making sure the process is easy, stress free, and enjoyable.


We serve the following states: New Jersey, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and California.



It’s where every great match begins. All of our clients’ needs and households are different, so we depend on families to be open with their communication so that we can find the perfect match. We listen to your specific needs and we reach out to you constantly to make sure the whole process runs smoothly. We are here to help and make your life easier!

Nicole’s Nannies understands that your day can be busy, between work and children, and that’s why we want to work as hard as possible to find you a nanny. As long as your family stays in constant contact with us, this process with be easy and enjoyable!


It’s important to have the right fit for your family. We not only listen to your needs, but we get to know you so we can understand your personality. We know that chemistry can make or break a match. As former nannies, both Nikki and Heather intuitively know how to find the perfect chemistry between the possible candidate and family.

We are known for staying in touch with clients, even after placement, because we take the time and effort to get to know them in order to make the perfect match.


We screen candidates prior to clients’ meeting them for an interview because we know how important it is to be able to just focus on the candidates personality and how they interact around your family. Nannies will have a huge impact in your child’s life (emotional and cognitive development).

It is extremely important to us to find a nanny that not only has chemistry with your family, but that shares your values, philosophies, and is comfortable around you and your children.


What types of nannies do you place?

We place full-time, part-time, temporary (less than 6 months), summer, weekend, baby nurses, and housekeepers as well.

How do you find your candidates?

We are partners with Care.com as well as part of many nanny communities on social media. We also receive a lot of candidates through online search engines, and we are listed on the NJ Kids website.

What's the screening process?

We have a very detailed screening process that is APNA and INA approved. Not only do we interview candidates, but we call a minimum of three work related references, do a thorough social media check, and complete a 5-point background check.

How much do nannies make?

Most full-time live-out nannies expect $15-$25 an hour. Our part-time live-out nannies typically expect $18-$30 an hour. Live-in nannies typically make less than live-out nannies depending on the accommodations. You can expect to pay them anywhere from $12-$18 an hour.

What are the agency fees?

Our application fee is $175, which you do not pay until after we review your application and determine that we have enough candidates to send you. The placement fee is 10% of the nanny’s annual salary, which is a one time fee due prior to the nanny starting.

What if the nanny doesn't work out?

We have a great success rate for long-term placement but in rare cases, the nanny may not work out as you had hoped.  We are happy to help our client families find a replacement nanny free of charge within the first year of employment.

How long does it take to place a nanny?

Each family is different, but we typically place within six to eight weeks. When communication is open between the family and our staff, we are able to place a nanny more efficiently.

How many nannies do we get to interview?

There is not a set number of nannies that we send to families to interview. You may interview one nanny and decide to hire, or we may send you multiple nannies before you make your decision.